Butterfly sleeves and denim

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Hello to you all,

It’s Monday,
Work was just fine, and my dad will be flying into town later tonight so that should be fun. The only thing that kind of sucks, is moving through airport traffic. I just get lost every time I get in the area of DFW Airport, and I just don’t know why. I will be able to figure it out though, it is just a tad frustrating. I got home and changed from my work attire immediately. Oh how great it feels, I just had to put on something thin and airy stat.

I am wearing this awesome blouse I just got as a gift from my cousin. The awesome thing about being my size, every time some one around me can’t fit something, I can. I love it. Because I love clothes. H2J brand flared capri pants, you can find that brand at Kohls. Lastly I am wearing red Dolcis leather upper flats.

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Coral prints & Suede

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Hello beautiful world,
I hope everybody can feel these great rays of sunshine where ever you might be. I’m excited I recently got this new job I was hoping to get, so that is awesome. I’ve been listening to so much Dave Ramsey lately, he makes me feel so horrible for having some student loan debts. Though it’s not that much, I just really want to take care of it. Loans just hang right on your shoulders if you know what I mean. Luckily for me, my student loans are about the only type of debt that I have. No credit cards, car loans or etc. I do plan to keep it that way.

I was wearing a Love culture top, Steven shatz suede skirt, and Laundry List pointed flats.

All of last week was hectic for me, and I feel as though I should probably be making an appointment to the ear, nose, and throat doctor because my allergies are becoming such an inconvenience. I have great news, I got a puppy! That I love oh so much, she is super cute. Her name is Bella, of course.
I will definitely update with pictures for you guys. I believe my Budgies are jealous of the attention she is getting. Play nice, birdies.

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Wear red instead

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Good afternoon,

Tuesday update for you guys, I have totally been slacking off despite my earlier New years resolution to not slack off. That is pertaining to keeping my blog very updated. If you know what I mean. Though I did have some camera difficulty, I can’t make excuses because my phone camera is pretty good.

Today I wore my American eagle party sweater, Dahlia tweed pants, and Forever 21 pumps.

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Way to be neutral

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Good Monday to you all,

It is so beautiful outside, I feel lucky out here in the Lone Star state. I know some people are dealing with horrible weather, or should I say, very snowy/icy weather. I feel like I should definitely be grateful to be feeling the sun. I don’t know, maybe that’s why I decided to wear this open shoulder Kaelyn Max blouse, I got it for my birthday about a month ago, from my mommy. Today is my first time trying it on, and it fits great, and I love anything with a ruffle.

I am also wearing American Eagle high rise Artist jeans, Nine West navy heels, and this little jacket I snagged a few months ago. This is my day taking this baby for a run as well.

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Sparkly Saturday

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Well hello!

I just got done doing a good clean to my house, especially my room. When I don’t know what I want to wear, my room is easily covered in clothes in minutes. Hopefully you all had fun yesterday, I had a pretty good Friday. So as for me, I’m pretty happy. I finally got a tripod which was much needed, seeing as though I don’t always have someone to pictures of me. As for this Saturday night I am not sure if I am doing something or not. My adorable cousin wants to go out tonight, so I’ll have to see.

Today I’m wearing a Forever 21 dress and jacket. I really like the dress I got it a while ago, its covered in silver glittery stuff. With Leg Avenue’s Bandit boot, I love these boots so much.

So all in all I would say I’m having a pretty laid back day. My allergies are really acting up lately, which kind of makes me feel like “blah” if you know what I mean.

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Valentines Red Velvet cake

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I wanted to share with you guys a picture I snapped of a really delicious Red Velvet cake my mom made. She is always baking and such, and I eat the goodies. I love cheese cream frostings on a cake. I hope all of you had great Valentines!